Winsync Agreement Already Exists on Subtree

    If you`re experiencing the message “winsync agreement already exists on subtree” while attempting to synchronize your Active Directory environment, you`re not alone. This error message is a common one that often arises during the synchronization process, but understanding what it means and how to resolve it can help you get back on track with your synchronization efforts.

    First, it`s important to understand what a “winsync agreement” is. Essentially, a winsync agreement is a configuration that allows for the synchronization of information between two directories, typically an on-premises Active Directory environment and an Azure AD environment. When set up correctly, this agreement ensures that changes made in one environment are automatically propagated to the other.

    So, what does it mean when you get the message “winsync agreement already exists on subtree”? Essentially, this means that there is already an agreement in place for synchronization of the subtree (or a specific portion) of the directory that you`re trying to synchronize. This can happen if someone else on your team has set up synchronization for that subtree, or if you`ve attempted to set it up yourself in the past.

    Fortunately, resolving this error message is relatively straightforward. The first step is to ensure that you`re logged in to your synchronization server using an account that has the necessary permissions to make changes to the sync configuration. From there, you`ll need to navigate to the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect tool and open up the “Synchronization Service Manager” application.

    Within the Synchronization Service Manager, you`ll want to select the appropriate synchronization rule that`s causing the error message to appear. From there, you can simply delete the rule and begin the synchronization process again from scratch. Alternatively, if you believe that the existing winsync agreement is still valid and you don`t want to delete it, you can modify the synchronization rule to ensure that it`s working as intended.

    In conclusion, while the “winsync agreement already exists on subtree” error message can be frustrating to encounter during the synchronization process, it shouldn`t cause too much of a headache. By understanding what the message means and how to resolve it, you can easily get back on track with your synchronization efforts and ensure that your environments are communicating effectively with one another.